I can’t believe that our little Abigail is one month old. She surprised us by arriving earlier than anticipated on May 22nd at 11:58, weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces and 19.5 inches long. It has truly been such a joy getting to know this baby girl over the last four weeks. People would always tell me that after she was born our lives would never be the same, but I couldn’t understand then just how much she would change our lives. And not just the fact that it takes a lot longer to get out the door, that I never sleep anymore, or that my house is overtaken with baby gear and covered in spit-up. I couldn’t foresee then just how much love I would have for her, or how much more love I would feel for my husband as I watch him care for her. This transition has been difficult at times…I am very slowly (emphasis on very) figuring out this motherhood thing with a few tears and lots of laughs along the way. I am learning what it means to sacrifice and discovering more and more all the time that those things in life that are most difficult are also those same things that bring us the most joy. And there are so many reasons to feel joy—namely that our little Abigail is here, healthy, and ours forever.  

*I have hundreds of photos of Abigail taken by my talented mom which make my heart smile a little every time I look through them, but I am tired so just one  favorite photo for now. Sorry * 

Isaac's "New" Hobby

Several of Isaac's coworkers are really into remote control airplanes. They design their own planes, cut the foam on a special machine, and order in the parts. On breaks during work, the guys will all go outside and fly their airplanes around the building and have competitions who can keep their airplane up the longest with the engine shut off. Isaac has been working really hard on his plane over the last month designing, measuring, weighing, and planning out each step. He finally put the finishing touches on it and took it on its maiden flight a few weeks ago. It flew beautifully and he couldn't stop smiling. Since that first flight, he has continued to make minor adjustments, and he has been able to take it to work, the park, and even fly it right outside in the back yard. Each time he flies, he can't seem to get enough and his smile gets bigger and bigger. I would say that it is his new hobby, but considering that anything to do with airplanes has always been a hobby of his, we will just have to say it is his recent hobby, and I have enjoyed watching him get so excited over each step of the process. Here he is with his finished (for now) product.

IMG_5051 copy

Tulip Festival

Every year in Skagit Valley, Washington there is tulip festival where you can drive, walk, or bike through fields and fields and gorgeous tulips. I have some fond memories of my dad walking with me through the flowers, and then buying me my own bouquet of the color of my choice. I had mentioned to Isaac that I miss it, and wish that I could go, and being the great guy he is, he planned a date for us to go the the Thanksgiving point tulip festival here in Utah. The flowers were gorgeous, and I snapped photos to my heart's content, and enjoyed walking around the gardens with Isaac. It was a hot day, a little too hot for my liking, but it just made me appreciate that I don't have to be this large and swollen all summer long. Only 5 more weeks until my due date. Ah, crazy! Happy Spring Everyone.




Happiness is:

A full flat of fresh strawberries which I can and will finish off all by myself

Feeling my baby kick, wiggle, and hiccup inside my belly. Only 10 weeks left until I get to meet her. I can't wait (and a belly photo for my mom, who has been asking one. A little blurry, but a photo nevertheless.)
baby bump

Seeing signs of spring starting to emerge. It isn't much, but it means that more sun is on the way!

Our New Lives


Isn't it strange that day to day nothing seems to change at all, but then when you look back over a few months time, you realize that you have an entirely new life to live. I feel like that now. It has only been a few months time, since I updated the blog, and yet, our lives are completely changed. Most everyone that we know already is aware of the major updates in our lives, but in case you are in the dark, here is what is new in the Proctor household.

* Coming June 1st, 2012 we plan to welcome a little girl in our home and into our lives. We couldn't be more thrilled.
* Isaac has a new job working as an engineer for a company called General Atomics. He is working on the drones used by our military and enjoys the opportunity to use what he learned in school in a more practical way.
* I am working as a nurse on a Medical/Surgical floor of the Utah Valley Specialty Hospital. I work graves and long hours making it difficult for Isaac and I to see too much of each other, but I enjoy being a nurse and find the work fulfilling.
*We moved. We are now living in a nice little apartment in Springville. We like it here and are in the process of settling in and turning the spare bedroom into a nursery.
*Isaac has a new calling as Assistant (to the) Stake Financial Clerk and we are enjoying getting to know our new ward a little better.

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time

and that means that it is a good time to fly. Isaac took me flying last weekend to see the beautiful fall leaves on the mountain. It was another gorgeous day and we had such a fun time together up in the sky in that tiny plane. I love the fact that my husband is a pilot and we get to do this together.

What better way to spend the last few weeks before Martha left on her mission than at 7 peaks. I absolutely love this photo of these two.